Barbershop Etiquette - Medals

Hi there! Kim, here. One of the things we’ve talked a bit about on the podcast is etiquette in the world of Sweet Adelines. I’m a HUGE fan of Emily Post, and own a copy of her Guide to Etiquette. It’s just fascinating to me that there are (mostly) unwritten rules about how we act in our fascinating world of barbershop singing. So I’d like to take a few blog posts to write some of these social norms down as best I understand them. <br><br>

You may have different experiences in other regions or other countries, and we’d love to hear how it compares! Feel free to let us know.


It’s a wonderful experience to earn a medal at a regional and/or international contest. I was fortunate enough to receive a regional 4th place quartet medal in 2015, and was introduced to a whole set of dos and don’ts. Hopefully passing on the knowledge I’ve gained will help at least one person.<br><br>

Remember, these observations are just that; not rules you must comply with, or a standard of SAI. These are simply what I have personally discovered over the last few years.

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